Medical Transcription

Correspondence, Expert Witness, Procedure notes Operative reports, Radiology reports, Dissertations, Outpatient and inpatient notes, and the list goes on.

Legal Transcription

A variety of Legal transcription for Lawyers, Police, Court Proceedings, Judges, Court Clerks and Attorneys in a vast range of areas such as Litigation, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Immigration, Tax, Trust and Probate, Debt Collection, Local Government.

Insurance Transcription

Insurance transcription for Attorneys, Insurance Brokers, Insurance Agents and Insurance Companies

Transcriptions may include Recorded telephone calls, Customer Activities, Depositions, Summary of events and much more

Conference Transcription

Various types of conference transcript involving Board meetings, Minutes, Strategic planning, Surveys and market research, Trade shows, Seminar, Presentations, Corporate meeting, etc.