1. Order

Customer will complete an "Order Request" to Virtual Secretary Plus. Virtual Secretary Plus will contact customer with confirmation of the order. Email will be deemed official. Virtual Secretary Plus reserves the right to refuse an order for any reason and/or impose certain terms and conditions to be accepted by the customer.

2. Payment

A deposit payment equal to one hour is required to start work. Once work is complete, the customer can view the work as a sample and wil be advised of the total cost to be paid prior to releasing completed work, unless prior arrangements have been made. Virtual Secretary Plus stands by their work and if we are unable to provide you with your needs as ordered, your money will be refunded. We realize how valuable referrals are and pride ourselves in customer satisfaction.

3. Confidentiality

All information provided to Virtual Secretary Plus is for the use of Virtual Secretary Plus only and will not be disclosed to any third parties. Virtual Secretary Plus will sign a Confidentiality Agreement between Virtual Secretary Plus and the customer, if requested.

4. Liability

  • Virtual Secretary Plus does not accept liability for incorrect transcription. Although Virtual Secretary Plus proof reads material before transmitting to the customer, the final proof reading and checking of transcription is the responsibility of the customer.
  • Virtual Secretary Plus does not accept liability for failing to supply services through acts of God, fire, Power outage or any other reasons beyond our control. Virtual Secretary Plus will make every possible attempt to deliver your transcripts if any way possible.